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Fans Header

Fans Header

  • Carrying in right hand in front of face:
    IndentFollow me
  • Carrying in left hand in front of face:
    IndentDesirous of acquaintance
  • Placing it on left ear:
    Indent I wish to get rid of you
  • Drawing it across the forehead:
    IndentYou have changed
  • Twirling it in the left hand:
    IndentWe are watched
  • Carrying it in the right hand:
    IndentYou are too willing
  • Drawing through the hand:
    IndentI hate you
  • Twirling in the right hand:
    IndentI love another
  • Drawing across the cheek:
    IndentI love you
  • Presented shut:
    IndentDo you love me?
  • Drawing across the eyes:
    IndentI am sorry
  • Touching tip with finger:
    IndentI wish to speak with you
  • Letting it rest on right cheek:
  • Letting it rest on left cheek:
  • Open and shut:
    IndentYou are cruel
  • Dropping it:
    IndentWe will be friends
  • Fanning slowly:
    IndentI am married
  • Fanning quickly:
    IndentI am engaged
  • With handle to lips:
    IndentKiss me
  • Open wide:
    IndentWait for me
  • Carrying in left hand, open:
    IndentCome and talk to me
  • Placed behind head:
    IndentDon't forget me
  • With little finger extended:
  • The shut fan held to the heart:
    IndentYou have won my love
  • Presenting a number of sticks, fan part opened:
    IndentAt what hour?
  • Threaten with the shut fan:
    IndentDo not be so imprudent
  • Gazing pensively at the shut fan:
    Indent Why do you misunderstand me?
  • Pressing the half-opened fan to the lips:
    IndentYou may kiss me
  • Clasping the hands under the open fan:
    IndentForgive me I pray you
  • Cover the left ear with the open fan:
    IndentDo not betray out secret
  • Shut the fully opened fan very slowly:
    IndentI promise to marry you
  • The lady appears at the balcony, slowly fanning her face,
    then she shuts the balcony:
    Indent"I can't go out"
  • If she does it excitedly, leaving the balcony open:
    Indent"I'll go out soon"
  • Touching the unfolded fan in the act of waving:
    IndentI long always to be near thee
  • Resting the fan on her lips:
    Indent"I don't trust you"
  • The shut fan resting on the right eye:
    IndentWhen may I be allowed to see you?
  • Fanning herself with her left hand:
    Indent"Don't flirt with that woman"
  • Running her fingers through the fan's ribs:
    Indent"I want to talk to you"
  • Slowly fanning herself:
    Indent"Don't waste your time, I don't care about you"
  • Quickly fanning herself:
    Indent"I love you so much"
  • Moving her hair away from her forehead.
    Indent"Don't forget me"
  • Passing the fan from hand to hand:
    Indent"I see that you are looking at another woman"
  • Hitting her hand's palm:
    Indent"Love me"
  • Carrying the fan closed and hanging from her left hand:
    Indent"I'm engaged"
  • Carrying the fan closed and hanging from her right hand:
    Indent"I want to be engaged"
  • Quickly and impetuously closing the fan:
    Indent"I'm jealous"
  • Dropping the fan:
    Indent"I belong to you"
  • Resting the fan on her heart:
    Indent"My love for you is breaking my heart"
  • Half-opening the fan over her face:
    Indent"We are being watched over"
  • Hitting any object:
    Indent"I'm impatient"
  • Hiding the sunlight:
    Indent"You're ugly"
  • Looking closely at the painting:
    Indent"I like you"


"In the days when women yet blushed,
in the days when they desired to dissimulate this embarrassment and timidity,
large fans were the fashion;
they were at once both a countenance and a veil.
Flirting their fans, women concealed their faces;
now they blush little, fear not at all,
have no care to hide themselves,
and carry in consequence imperceptible fans."
...Madame de Genlis